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Home Water Damage Recovery: What Should Insurance Pay?

If you experience water damage in your home, then you will hopefully have insurance to help with the expenses of repair. In the case of Home water damage recovery, what should insurance pay? The only case that home insurance does not pay for water damage is in the event of flooding. You need special flood damage insurance to cover this. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you should consider the extra policy for this reason.

Otherwise, your regular homeowner’s insurance will cover water damage recover for:

  • Storm damage like tornadoes, hurricanes, or just and thunderstorms and rain
  • Leaky or burst pipes
  • Roof leaks
  • Appliance line leaks such as fridge or dishwater

You may have a lot of questions such as:

  • Will my water leak be covered by insurance?
  • Will a toilet leak be covered by insurance?
  • Will the insurance cover damage to my carpets from a burst pipe?

Again, each individual policy can differ and it’s very important that you know exactly what your policy covers. In general, however, there are things that your insurance should pay and some things they definitely won’t pay.

Home Water Damage Recovery: What Should Insurance Pay?

If your water damage cause was covered by the insurance, then they should pay for everything needed to set things right to how they were before the damage. This could include emergency response, professional drying and dehumidifying, removal of waste and water damaged parts, replacement and repair, and mold prevention.

What your insurance will not pay for is anything that falls under gradual damage. If the damage was not sudden or accidental, and is the result of a long-standing problem that was not addressed, then your claim might be denied.

Gradual damage can happen when there is a leak in a place you cannot see, or when you don’t perform proper maintenance on faucets, plumbing, roofs or pipes. Usually, this type of claim will be denied. So, it’s very important that you keep up with the maintenance on your property.

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