how to get rid of carpet odor from water damage

How to Get Rid of Carpet Odor from Water Damage

Where there is water damage in your home and carpets are involved, there can be a terrible odor. Mold can set into the carpet fibers or the padding underneath the carpets, too, if the water is not cleaned up and dried out properly and quickly. In this article, we’ll check how to get rid of carpet odor from water damage.

If you’ve ever smelled that “wet carpet” smell, then you know it’s really bad. Even the smallest amount of the musty odor can make the whole room uncomfortable to be in. So, what you can you do about it? The best option would always be prevention.

Here is how to get rid of carpet odor from water damage:

  • Be certain all the water is removed and there are not any current leaks still happening.
  • Sprinkle baking soda into the carpet. It will soak up odors and any additional moisture that may be present.
  • Leave the baking soda on overnight. You can also use Borax instead of baking soda, in the same way.
  • Vacuum up the carpet with the baking soda or Borax in it. Use a strong-powered vacuum cleaner and make sure you go over the entire carpet.
  • Take a little rest, then come back and do the entire carpet again a second time. Go over all of the carpet in at least two different directions.
  • If you still have odor after this, you might consider using a commercial carpet shampoo or professional steam cleaning process.

Remember that any time you have water damage in your home, there is the chance for mold and mildew to set in. If your carpets are smelly, it’s not just an annoyance. It can actually be bad for your health. If you and your family are breathing in mold or mildew spores, it can make you sick. It can also make an existing respiratory condition (like allergies or asthma) worsen.

It’s always best to call in a professional if you have water damage to your carpets just to ensure you have it done properly and quickly. You can checkout top water damage restoration companies in Kansas City here.